Solar Panels For Free

I am currently wrapping up the construction of one of my custom modern homes for sale in Charlotte, NC. This spiffy dwelling on 1908 Oaklawn Avenue:


As an upgrade option I am offering a full SOLAR SYSTEM. FOR FREE. Say what?!? Yup. That’s right. get your own photovoltaic panels for no extra charge. In fact, you will be getting money back. And increase your equity instantly. Living off of renewable energy is just a dandy byproduct. And did I mention the electric car charger we are throwing in??- Just for fun?

How do these shenanigans add up, you ask? And ask you shall. But don’t believe me. Please study the documentation below. Those are the info sheets from the pre-design by Southern Energy Management, my trusted partner in energy efficiency.

Here it goes in a nutshell:

How To Have a Solar System for Free:

  • Before the purchase of the house you say “Yes”. We’ll install the system and inform your bank’s appraiser with proper documentation.

  • At closing the $30,076 system will be paid for by the bank.

  • Your mortgage payment goes up. Your electric bill goes down. By the same amount. Your monthly expenditure stays the same.

  • In 2020 you’ll receive a $9,023 federal tax credit.

  • The worth of your home has an instant $26,600 boost.

  • And instead of paying Duke Energy every month you are paying into your equity.

  • Boom! There you have it.

1908 Oaklawn Avenue - Solar Panel Option 01.jpg

Do notice the extra prodution of your system in April and May. As the solar power generated does not match you monthly energy needs, the ssystem is hooked up to Duke Energy’s power grid. As needed you get their juice and they get yours.

And, rest assured, those rascals placed a cut off date right smack on May 31st. Meaning all your excess proudction is their’s. This little trick causes this system to maximize it’s efficiency at 70% of solar production. In comparison to your usage.

1908 Oaklawn Avenue - Solar Panel Option 02.jpg

And those are the numbers. Just so you don’t think I am making this up out of thin air. And do check out the feel good matrix. On the bottom right. You get to puff your chest and walk about all proud.

1908 Oaklawn Avenue - Solar Panel Option 03.jpg

There it is. 32 photovoltaic panels in all. And your own sustainable energy efficient modern home in Charlotte, North Carolina.

You’ll be the talk at the dinner party. And if nobody believes you, you’ll pull out the sleek app, we’ll hook you up with, and show everyone the live solar production feed of each individual panel.