A List

Since folks asked. Here is a list of architectural moments in Charlotte. As I am thoroughly biased, it includes some of my own work. The list only shows work I call modern, somewhat new, and fun. It is utterly subjective, incomplete, and in no particular order.

And since there are many parts to the creation of our built environment, I included (where I could) both the designer and the builder for each project. I’ll add more soon.

The Bechtler Museum

Mario Botta (Design), Rodgers (Build), 2005


Kazebee House

RickKazebee (Design/Build) 2001 / 2016


Gillingham Strauss Residence

Toby Witte & Jahan Nourbakhsh (Design/Build) 2017


Baumann House

Gerrit Baumann (Design/Build), 2018


Elkwood Farmhouse

Zack Alsentzer (Design), Spoke & Hammer (Build), 2018


Collector’s House

Lindsay Smith (Design), Philip Thomas (Build), 2009


Charlotte House

William McDonough (Design), Philip Thomas (Build), 2002


091 heer img existing 08-08-20 (107).JPG

Heer House

Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects ? (Design), the Heers (Build), 1996


Wong Grundy Homestead

Peter Wong (Design), Frank Hesse (Build), 2003


Woung Residence

Toby Witte & Jahan Nourbakhsh (Design/Build), 2015


Woods Residence

Toby Witte & Jahan Nourbakhsh (Design/Build), 2016


Merriman Avenue

Maria Gigney (Design), Height Design Build (Build), 2019


Johnson Residence

Toby Witte & Jahan Nourbakhsh (Design/Build), 2015


Witte Home

Toby Witte (Design/Build), 2017



Cluck Design Collaborative (Design),2018


Studio 6 Townhomes

Cluck Design Collaborative (Design),2015


Midwood Concrete

Stan Russel (Design), Jim Warren (Build), 2008



Liquid Design (Design), 2009


100 Hermitage

Hobgood Architects (Design), 2001


(This is a list in progress. I’ll add more over time. Click on the images to get to the website of the architect/designer. That’s also where I borrowed the image you see. Unless I took it myself. I apologize to all my friends and colleagues if their cherished work does not appear here yet. It in no means shall be misconstrued as a judgement on their skill and the quality and beauty of their work nor my admiration for them. I will add more. What’s missing?)