A List

Since folks asked. Here is a list of architectural moments in Charlotte. As I am thoroughly biased, it includes some of my own work. The list only shows work I call modern, somewhat new, and fun. It is utterly subjective, incomplete, and in no particular order.

And since there are many parts to the creation of our built environment, I included (where I could) both the designer and the builder for each project. I’ll add more soon.

The Bechtler Museum

Mario Botta (Design), Rodgers (Build), 2005


Kazebee House

RickKazebee (Design/Build) 2001 / 2016


Gillingham Strauss Residence

Toby Witte & Jahan Nourbakhsh (Design/Build) 2017


Baumann House

Gerrit Baumann (Design/Build), 2018


Elkwood Farmhouse

Zack Alsentzer (Design), Spoke & Hammer (Build), 2018


Collector’s House

Lindsay Smith (Design), Philip Thomas (Build), 2009


Charlotte House

William McDonough (Design), Philip Thomas (Build), 2002


091 heer img existing 08-08-20 (107).JPG

Heer House

Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects ? (Design), the Heers (Build), 1996


Wong Grundy Homestead

Peter Wong (Design), Frank Hesse (Build), 2003


Woung Residence

Toby Witte & Jahan Nourbakhsh (Design/Build), 2015


Woods Residence

Toby Witte & Jahan Nourbakhsh (Design/Build), 2016


Merriman Avenue

Maria Gigney (Design), Height Design Build (Build), 2019


Johnson Residence

Toby Witte & Jahan Nourbakhsh (Design/Build), 2015


Witte Home

Toby Witte (Design/Build), 2017



Cluck Design Collaborative (Design),2018


Studio 6 Townhomes

Cluck Design Collaborative (Design),2015


Midwood Concrete

Stan Russel (Design), Jim Warren (Build), 2008



Liquid Design (Design), 2009


100 Hermitage

Hobgood Architects (Design), 2001


Troutman Residence

Brillhart Architecture (Design), 2019


(This is a list in progress. I’ll add more over time. Click on the images to get to the website of the architect/designer. That’s also where I borrowed the image you see. Unless I took it myself. I apologize to all my friends and colleagues if their cherished work does not appear here yet. It in no means shall be misconstrued as a judgement on their skill and the quality and beauty of their work nor my admiration for them. I will add more. What’s missing?)